About us

Good food, responsibly

We produce responsible, modern and bold food with Nordic flavours and an international touch. Our choices of ingredients are determined by global and local harvests. Our food is simple, delicious and fun - we believe in healthy and tasty food that is good for you and the environment!

The Happy Farmer family

“I close my eyes and want to understand where I am; cooking is about emotion, it’s about culture, it’s about love, it’s about memory”;.
- Massimo Bottura, three Michelin-starred restaurant owner and chef

Good food tastes better when prepared and served by happy and passionate people. We believe that people who care about themselves, their co-workers and the world around them are happier. And this shines through in every encounter, all the way to our customers. We want to offer joy and experiences every day.

Behind it all is the Happy Farmer family. Let’s be happier together!

What inspires us?

We are inspired by the freshness, wholesomeness and quality of the ingredients we use. We make and use preserved, juiced and fermented products. We choose the techniques best suited to getting the most out of the garden and forest delicacies we use. One source of pride is our bakery, where we make fresh sourdough bread every day. Our kitchen philosophy rests on using Finnish ingredients as extensively as possible, combined with seasonal products from around the world.

Our employer’s vow

We at Happy Farmer value human rights and therefore, we work for equality, equal opportunities and non-discrimination. We also expect our partners to do the same. Together we create a better place to live.

The culture of doing and caring together is part of every working day.

Appreciation means that every employee is valued, listened to and taken into consideration - everyone has the opportunity to develop their skills.

Making a difference means that in our culture, everyone can influence our practices and come up with new and better ways to work, boost sales and create great customer experiences.

Passion is present in everything we do, and it is visible to colleagues and customers alike. We promote a good feeling and enthusiasm for success and excellent results.

Individualism means that we cherish our diversity as a source of strength that we draw on to create individual and meaningful encounters.

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Contact details

Asema-aukio 2, 00100 Helsinki
The restaurant is wheelchair friendly.

Kitchen & Bakery

Monday to Saturday11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
+358 10 76 63,520Call
€0.0835 per call + €0.1209 per min
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Coffee Bar & Wine

Monday to Saturday11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
+358 10 76 63,510Call
€0.0835 per call + €0.1209 per min
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